Artisan Builders is a design-build general contracting firm that has been operating in the Bay Area for the past 24 years. Setting itself apart from its counterparts, they provide an impeccable level of service and satisfaction through the attention to detail during the course of design to the execution and completion of projects. The owner, Jim Thompson, intends to develop long-term relationships with all of his clients, by building trust and confidence through a superior product, genuine customer service, and satisfaction.

The process begins by working closely with the client to develop the project scope and design. We provide Three Dimensional Computer Aided Drawings that easily allow our clients to visualize and participate in the project concept. We have found that clients receive a significant amount personal satisfaction from having such a large impact on the final design. Working closely during the design process with our clients helps develop the relationship necessary to move on to the estimating and building process.

During the estimating portion, Artisan Builders will provide the client with a QuickBooks itemized cost breakdown of their project along with a work plan. When the client is progressively invoiced during the course of construction, the progress invoice directly corresponds to the original estimate simplifying the clients' ability to track the progress of the project and how it financially relates to the client's expenditures. After this process is complete and both parties are comfortable with the estimate and work plan, we move into the contractual process. Artisan Builders will provide an ADA Construction Contract that explains the rights of the client and prime contractor and protects both during the course of construction. The original estimate document is attached directly to the ADA Construction Contract. Artisan Builders will meet with the client prior to signing and review any question or concerns the client may have before we move into the construction phase of the client's project.

The significant factor that enables Artisan Builders to achieve the high level of customer service and satisfaction is by taking on only one large project at a time. Allowing us to focus and provide more attention to each individual client's needs during the course of design and construction. Artisan Builders also executes the excavation, foundation, framing, and interior trim work in-house. The owner of Artisan Builders and employees complete this portion of the client's project giving us the acute ability to control and manage the quality and progress of the project. Artisan Builders has sifted through sub-contractors over the last 24 years and works with only the best. We demand that our sub-contractors provide courteous and professional service to our clients.

Artisan Builders' Owner and employees are courteous, professional, and take pride in their workmanship. We understand that our customers' satisfaction is paramount to the success of the company.

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